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Nicole Onque Mugshot

February 2022 - A Florida lady was picked up by the popop after her man thought "being rough like Fifty Shades of Gray" when she supposedly begun assaulting him.

21-year-old Nicole Onque and the 40-year-old casualty got back to their Largo, Florida, condo early Monday morning (February 21) from a celebration. The couple got into a contention over Onque's lost telephone, yet it was subsequently found, an arrest report says.

Cops say the casualty sat at a work area trying to overlook Onque, and that is the point at which she began slapping the casualty on the arms and back. The man told the official he thought "the respondent was in effect harsh like Fifty Shades of Gray," a book series and film establishment regarding a sadomasochistic relationship.

Things began heightening as Onque purportedly continued scratching and striking the person in question, regardless of requesting her to stop, police say. The man claims he endured "a sizable knock on his head" and "huge scratches along his back from the attack, and was even "seeing stars," as indicated by the report. Columnists say he at last ran out of the home.

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